The Route

The Cino route takes us from Kila to Hot Springs over unpaved back roads. It’s about 60 miles the first day and 50 miles on the way back (assuming no unintentional detours). The climbs are mostly moderate with a challenging grade on day 2. The roads are rural (mostly) Forest Service roads with little to no traffic. While the roads are, at times, rough, they are ride-able on a road bike. Steel-framed road bikes were, in fact, meant for this challenge. We encourage folks to take their vintage machines off their pedestal for a few practice spins before the ride. This is an opportunity to put them to the test they were meant to take…and show off a bit while you’re at it.

Getting to Kila

Les Grands Départs is Kila – a small town located 7 miles west of Kalispell. Drive west from town (on Hwy 2 and turn left on Kila Rd). Alternatively, a rails to trails bike path will take you from the center of Kalispell to Kila School.

Kila to Hot Spring

Nearly 60 miles and 2,500′ of elevation gain, day one of the ride begins with a gentle climb on paved roads transitioning to gravel around mile 10. You’ll work your way up and over Browns Meadow Pass and down rutted dirt roads and pine forests. The final miles of the day take you through the wide open expanses of arid rangeland. 

Hot Springs to Kila

Day 2 begins by re-tracing the final miles of day one, but diverges at mile ~20. The climb up to the pass is the thing of legends…power up and enjoy the view. At the pass, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage and coast back down through the woodlands to Kila.