The start is soon!  We’ll have around 60 riders.  Lots of extremely cool bikes. Wonderful meals planned.  The weather has warmed – it could be hot!

These serve as the final pre-ride instructions, although you may get other emails re: breakfast, bikes, etc.

Any questions, call sooner than later to David Cummings 406-250-2011

Or email

Pre-ride Concours d’Elegance and Check-in

Friday evening before the ride, July 9 from 5:00-7:00.  This will be at Kalispell Montessori Elementary: 349 Willow Glen Dr. in Kalispell.  We will have racks for bikes, but feel free to bring your own. Come share your ride and geek out at others’ rides! The school is kind of hidden by trees and the big yellow building sneaks up on you, so be on the lookout as you drive by.

Waiver signing, heroic bike check-over, and T-shirt pickup will begin on Friday. See below for more about the heroic bikes check. If you registered after the 16th, we can take an order for a shirt and have it available after the event.


The ride starts from the Kila School, morning of Saturday 8/28, 8:30am. Check-in will be from 7:00 to 8:00. Try to show up early. Pre-ride sermon at 8:15. Start at 8:30 AM.

Address of start: Kila School, 395 Kila Road, Kila, Montana. The Kila road turnoff is about 9 miles west of Kalispell on Highway 2 (starting from where 93 crosses Hwy 2). Take a left on Kila Road at the Kila Pub. The school is about a quarter-mile down the road. Google the directions and you’ll get there.

Preparation: We carry your overnight gear for the evening in Hot Springs. Have your  gear for Hot Springs packed up in a duffle. It will go in a big truck ahead of you.  The truck will be at the start, get your gear in it.  If you have gear you want to access on the ride at lunch, keep it separate and throw it in one of the support trucks (but it probably won’t be where you are when you need it).

Beverage contribution: Not required, but if you have one, drop it off at the Friday check-in or bring it Saturday morning and find the truck/van with someone organizing drink contributions there.

Breakfast: Ceres Bakery will serve a light Continental breakfast at the start, including coffee, juice, baked goods, and fruit. Should be plenty to get you to Pranza.

Car: You can leave your vehicle in the Kila school parking lot for the weekend. Usual warning about not leaving valuables in it, etc.

Check-in: Go to the check-in table to confirm you’re there.  If you didn’t do all the business Friday evening at the school, you can sign waivers and pick up shirts if you registered before the 16th. If you have a heroic bike, you will want the recognition to be official. Part of registration is going before the Cino judges and getting your number stamped as Heroic. You will be directed to do so at registration, but be sure and show up early enough at the start to do this. See the site for Heroic qualifications.

The ride

There will be support vehicles, but they will be guaranteed to be somewhere else when you need them. Bring a pump and several (not one) spare tubes as a minimum. And a patch kit is recommended.

Two water bottles on the bike is nice to have, water stations are 10-20 long miles apart on the course and it will be warm in the afternoon.

Re: weather, it’s Montana, where things can change rapidly. It’s a good idea to bring clothes for cold and hot weather, and even a rain coat or good windbreaker. This weekend, bring sunblock! We recommend that you carry any clothes you need on the ride, or have space to stash layers. You can put it in one of the support cars, but it may not be there when you need it.

Hot Springs

The destination is Alamedas Hot Springs Resort, in Hot Springs

If you’re camping at Alamedas and haven’t already paid via Eventbrite, make sure you bring $20 and a towel. You can make camping arrangements when you get there.

If you aren’t camping, it means you have reservations at either Alamedas, or Symes. If you don’t have reservations, you’re camping or you can try for a room at Symes. See for additional info on places to stay.

Your gear will be waiting for you at Alamedas when you get there, along with cold refreshments, etc.


In the early years of Cino, a shirt with buttons at dinner would have drawn comments about being stylish. Nowadays, you will feel under dressed with only a dress shirt. Don’t forget that dress shirts, dresses, cool looking pants, dress shoes, ties, sport jackets, stylish blouses, etc. won’t go unappreciated at our time in Hot Springs. We won’t give you a hard time if you prefer shorts and a T-shirt, but if you want to identify with the bicycling greats, you start by dressing like one. Fausto even dressed cool when he rode, and it was a linen suit when he didn’t.

Bring a swimsuit if you are inclined to soak in the hot springs.


Is from 6:00 to 8:30. There are options for gluten free and vegan.

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday breakfast will be offered for purchase in the dome at Alamedas starting at 6:30. Vegetarian options will be available.

As you prep for the weekend, keep in mind the following awards

Traditional Cino Heroica Awards. Except for the Eddy, these are by participant vote.

Other awards

And others….

The Finish

Your luggage will be back at the Kila Parking Lot.