September 6 & 7, 2014


The start is in Kila, at the Kila school. About 8 miles west of Kalispell (Google map here). We ride at 9 am. Registration is from 7:00 to 8:30. Arrive early to get registered, your gear in the sag and car parked.

Included at the start is a light breakfast: juice, coffee, an incredible assortment of baked goods, fruit


We ride from Kila, Montana, to Hot Springs, and back. 60 miles out, 50 miles back. See https://www.cinorider.com/cino-heroica-route/ for details.

Overnight stay

We overnight in Hot Springs. The clock stopped in Hot Springs sometime in the ’50s.  When you get there, you’ll understand.

We have trucks that will take your overnight gear there from the start. Gear that you might want to access at lunch can be put in one of the sag wagons.

If you don’t want to camp and want a room, we STRONGLY encourage you to make reservations NOW at one of the two options below.

Our Hot Springs base of operations is Alamedas Hot Springs (https://www.alamedashotsprings.com/, 406-741-2283). We have “blocked off” all the rooms for our group, so if you make reservations at Alamedas, tell them you’re with Cino Heroica.

Alamedas also offers tent and RV camping and because they are small the majority of the folks end up camping. It’s Woodstock with funny shoes and black shorts. We’ve arranged to be able to use showers, etc. There is a cost for camping (10 or 15 bucks).

Symes Hot Springs is a good alternative if Alamedas is filled up and you desire a room and a bed. Tell them that you’re with the bike ride and they’ll give you 10% off, “per arrangements between Reed and Leslie”. Their site lists the rooms they offer: www.Symeshotsprings.com, 888-305-3106.


Lunch is a tabletop affair halfway along the course, and consists of whatever people have donated. Real food with Italian names, cholesterol laden deli meats and cheeses are all desired. Organizers will contact you to coordinate the food donations. Corkscrews and ashtrays provided.

An appropriate European bike racer dinner is provided and served starting at 6pm.  Candlelight affair.  Jackets/ties and dresses preferred.

Post ride refreshments served on the lawn at Alamedas.

Breakfast can be had at local establishments. We traditionally go to the Symes buffet (they have a rider special, and are warned we are coming).

On the return ride, lunch is served about halfway, and consists of the leftovers from day 1.

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