Just as the ride is retro, so is registration. All registration will be by US Mail and paid by check. Cino will be limited to 160 riders, chosen by lottery or by participation in last year’s ride.

Click here for the registration form.  This form has details for check, mailing address, etc.  Mail in registration starts now.  Note the critical date to be grandfathered in or to be in the first lottery drawing is 5/12/15, the day we need to receive your registration.

Cino 2014 Riders: Last year’s riders (2014) will be grandfathered into the ride, and be automatically granted entry if we receive your registration by 5/12

Other riders: We will pick riders by lottery on 5/12, until we reach the limit.

After May 12th: We will add riders on a first-come-first-served basis as we receive registrations,  until we reach the limit.  After that, we will add riders to a waiting list.  In past years, people on the waiting list that were flexible had a great chance of getting in.

Combine registrations: Up to 4 riders can combine registration forms & payments in one envelop.  You’re either all in, or not

We will notify you of your registration status starting 5/12.

Cancellations received by 8/1 will be refunded $90.  No refunds after 8/1.

Cost is $125 for the ride and dinner.  See below for what that includes.  $40 for additional plates at dinner.  Instead of jerseys this year, we will be offering custom Cino musettes, details coming

Payment is by check, details on the registration form.  International entries (including Canada): must be by international money order, or use check drawn on a US bank..
$125 rider fee includes:


Participation in ride, support, etc.
Overnight gear hauled to Hot Springs
Continental breakfast at the start
Catered pranza (lunch.  This vs. our historical potluck style)
Candlelight dinner affair in Hot Springs
Food and beverages. Countless amounts, in addition to all that is donated.
Post ride wind down snacks and beverages and venue
cigarettes at dinner (Gitanes of course)

Rider fee does not include

accommodation in Hot Springs
the six tubes and on