These are stories we’ve received of bikes coming to Cino.  Lee’s poem is a story that could probably be applied to a lot of Cino bikes, and Lane introduces us to a term describing some of the saddles we endure: “ass hatchet”.  Read on.

Andrew Elsen:Merlin Cino_small

Hello Cino Friends,

Attached are a couple of pictures of the cycle I will be riding. It is a 1933 Merlin Model B Racer. I have a 3 speed Sturmey Archer Hub with an oversize top sprocket. I also attached a Merlin catalogue from 1931.

See you soon! Andrew Elsen 

Merlin headset_smallLink to Merlin catalogue 1931 (V-CC Library)






Lane Wilkinson:  lane_wilkinson

Bon Giorno Rob & tutti il Velomunati,
I am responding to Reed’s request for us Cino virgins to send in their bike for approval.
Here she is: a nearly all original 1957 Bates Vergrandis built in England; complete with the crazy Reynolds 531 bulging Cantiflex tubing and reverse curved Diadrant fork.

The front derailleur is a hand operated Benelux rod shifter and the rear is a cable actuated Benelux Mark 7 plunger type shifting over a cycle 4 speed freewheel. The wheels are Campagnolo high flange hubs laced into Ghisalo wooden tubular rims.

My butt is already throbbing with excitement at the thought of 110 miles on the narrow leather Wrights ass hatchet saddle.

The deep drop Ambrosio bars look great and are deeply uncomfortable but I’ll take the back pain for for some vintage style points. The only concession to modernity are the new cork brake pads (the old GB brake calipers will only slow the bike at best so I needed a little extra friction on the wood rims!)
I also swapped to smaller chain rings from the original 47/52 tooth set up.

I trust a bribe will not be necessary but I will be traveling from Seattle by train and could tote along a growler or two from a local brew house to sweeten the pot.

Looking forward to the weekend and some serious retro tech geeking out!
Lane Wilkinson
Seattle, WA

Phil Pendergast: 

Hi Reed and Cino committee, philp-mathew-pendergast_smaller

I try to embody the spirit of Cino on every ride I go on! But this is my first year riding the ‘Heroica so it makes sense that I should have to prove my heroic-ness to you all.

I will either be riding my ’79 Mercian Olympic (Steel frame, 70s, Downtube friction shifters, toeclips with leather straps)

or my Dad’s Bruce Gordon (Steel frame, 70s, downtube shifters, toeclips, etc.).

Please find attached a picture of my Mercian, you’ve seen the Bruce Gordon before (my Dad’s ridden it the past two years or so).

See you soon,

Phil Pendergast

Lee Watson: 

Cino and My Life as a Bike lee_watson_small

When I was born
they said “Bene` Multi”
For I was made
A Guerciotti.

Paulo he sold me.
and not just for Lira’.
This is the story
of how I got here a’

A college girl
on semester away.
We travelled Europe
on five bucks a day.

Cinos each morning,
the wine flowed at night.
That was our youth
and such a delight.

Then off to the new world
we landed in Maine.
The shipping was rough
I still feel the pain.

She rode me on weekends
Sometimes not at all.
Stored near a Huffy
Now that takes some gall!

One day she married
Our love life was over.
Her husband would ride me
and not always sober.

A midlife crisis
he found himself facing.
Lucky for us,
we took up racing!

As happens with time
I was soon set aside.
For a shiny new Trek
That BITCH his new ride.

I hung in the barn
for years without tires.
Rusting my bolts.
Fearing for fires.

Then suddenly
after photos and deals
I was sent to Montana
Do you know how that feels?

It’s like I’ve come home
I’m back with my people.
The mountains are high
like Milano’s great steeple.

They call me HEROIC!
We’re here for the ride.
Off once again
with Italian pride.


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