Drink donations

Like last year, we are asking for drink donations. Lunch is handled. Repeat, lunch is not a potluck (like pre ’14) and is handled. But – per tradition – we are asking for drink contributions. We get a lot of variety by doing this.

At the start, there will be a truck accepting drink donations. It will be manned by someone organizing all the drinks into coolers, boxes, etc. Bring your drink contribution there.

We ask you to bring either

  • bottle of wine. If you want to contribute 2, not a problem.
  • 6 pack of beer (bottles or cans ok). If you want to contribute more, we won’t turn it away
  • 12 soft drinks (coke, lemonade, iced tea, etc)

We usually assign one of the above, but with the ride only days away, you flip a coin and pick

Any questions, direct them to Cino master of food and wine. Chris Sauve @ 406-253-0620 or email chris@cinorider.com