Dear Cino Rider,

Congratulations! If you are receiving this letter then you are one of a very select breed to be included in the 2013 Cino Heroica ride on September 7thand 8th. This is the 7th year of the Cino ride and, as you probably know, this is the first year that the ride is sold out and there are many people on a waiting list.

In past years, the ride has been open to people riding any type of bicycle, and we have seen them all: fixies, single speeds, 3 speeds, coaster brakes, tandems, cross bikes, all the way to full suspension mountain bikes and 29ers. Yet, with the openness of the ride, the character and intention has always been to revisit the old days of bicycle racing by riding truly heroic bikes. With the popularity of the ride and the necessity to limit the number of riders, restrictions had to be employed. For the 2013 edition of the ride, you veteran riders are still allowed to ride whatever two wheeled contraption you have ridden in past years but we strongly encourage you to embrace the spirit of Cino and truly heroic bike that fits the description listed below.

For you rookie riders, you must be on a truly Heroic Cino bike. Revisit the website and become familiar with those heroic bike characteristics to make certain that your bike will meet the requirements. To avoid any tension filled, embarrassing moments at the start of the ride, send a photo and or description of your bike to the Cino judging committee  – Ron Brunk, –  ASAP. In the spirit of Cino, the judges can probably be bribed but the price to build a heroic bike will most likely  cost you less than the bribe.

Send the photos / descriptions in soon so that you will have plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments to your bike and avoid that last week of Cino frenzy. Cheers!

The Cino Judging Committee

What is a Heroic bike? Your bike must have at least three of the following characteristics to be considered Heroic:

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