Cino 2021 registration is open!

It is finally here! We are doing Cino this year and it continues to support Kalispell Montessori Elementary. It will be a little bit different this year (we all know why): lunch will be scaled back and more like a musette than a buffet and we are forgoing the Concours d’Elegance. Fortunately nothing has changed […]


August 28th and 29th, 2021. Pencil it into your calendar.  That’s the date we have settled on this year for the Cino.  If you are a Cino-phile, you will note that it is the weekend before Labor Day, two weeks earlier than usual.  There are a couple of reasons why: conflicts with other unnamed events, […]

All by myself….

Nothing more needs to be said about the craziness of 2020, but Cino is truly eternal.  This weekend is the traditional date for the event, but there is no officially event. However, there there will be riders, but there won’t be support.  There won’t be official regulations, but there will be anima stile eroica. If […]

Non c’è Cino… Pas de Cino… No hay Cino…

Dear Cinophiles, It is with a heavy heart that I announce the cancellation of the 2020 Cino – another annual event has fallen victim to the CoronaVirus. Montana is naturally socially distanced from the rest of the US and has the lowest infection count in the lower 48, but as we open back up to […]

Pictures of Cino 2019

Yes, it’s 2020, but somehow the time slipped by.  Nick VanHorn is a local-ish photographer and spent the weekend with us – he took some beautiful photos! Check out his website gallery (  You can order a print for yourself for a very reasonable price as well.  Thanks, Nick! Gregerson the godfather

2019 Instructions

The date approaches! A few things: Know thyself. If you haven’t done Cino before, this is a ride unlike anything you’ve done before. Be prepared. We’ve had people lose chainring bolts, seatpost bolts, derailleur jockey wheels, their way… Beverage donations: we have traditionally asked for a small contribution and are sorting it thusly: Last name […]

Last chance to register for Cino 2019!

With only days left, we have to make final preparations for the Cino Heroica. Registration will be closing this Saturday at 6:00 PM. Register at to ensure your passage through time in the event that brings you what no other does: Riding vintage bikes through the backroads of Montana A chance to meet, talk, […]

Local Food for the Cino

Doesn’t that food look amazing? And that is only the lunch spread!! This is the third time we have used The Simple Chef Catering (Anna McCabe) for the Cino. We chose her because her food has been the best we have ever had! It is so phenomenal in part because she sources seasonal food locally […]

What’s new about Cino this year?

The spirit and spectacle that is Cino has not changed this year. What is different is the sponsor. Kalispell Montessori Elementary is the title sponsor for the Cino this year and any proceeds will go to the support this non-profit school. What is Montessori? It is a philosophy of teaching that allows for individualized learning, focuses on […]