Lunch, day 2

We stop for lunch 30 miles into the ride on the first day (and the second). It’s was a tradition pre-’15 for the riders to supply most of the food. Like last year,  we have our favorite caterer – The Simple Chef – preparing lunch.  You do not have to bring a donation.   We loved the potluck theme, but it has become too complex to handle.   And besides, we couldn’t pass up the menu Simple Chef put in front of us.

However, we are asking for drink donations.  You will get an email asking for these. Either wine, beer, or soft drinks, and the email will suggest what you bring as we’re trying to coordinate the numbers of each. Bring your contribution to the start. There will be some clearly marked vehicles taking the drinks.

If you have questions about the drink donation or wonder what to bring, contact Chris  at or call 406-253-0620


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