The spirit and spectacle that is Cino has not changed this year. What is different is the sponsor. Kalispell Montessori Elementary is the title sponsor for the Cino this year and any proceeds will go to the support this non-profit school.
What is Montessori? It is a philosophy of teaching that allows for individualized learning, focuses on the whole child (not just academics), and fosters citizenship of the world. We do things old school by using manipulatives for math rather than iPads, we learn about glaciers by visiting Glacier National Park, we put on old fashioned costumes and perform Shakespeare, we get outside and run with friends, and we even bike to school when we can.
You will have a chance to visit this unique school if you attend the Concours d’Elegance Friday evening before Saturday’s start. Check Kalispell Montessori Elementary out on facebook.
See more about Cino Heroica at WWW.CINORIDER.COM
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