The date approaches!

A few things:

  1. Know thyself. If you haven’t done Cino before, this is a ride unlike anything you’ve done before. Be prepared. We’ve had people lose chainring bolts, seatpost bolts, derailleur jockey wheels, their way…
  2. Beverage donations: we have traditionally asked for a small contribution and are sorting it thusly:

For very detailed instructions, check out the 2019 Start Instructions page under the Getting Ready for Cino tab on menu bar of

Remember that we are holding a Concours d’Elegance Friday evening on the 6th @ 5:00 PM. It will also serve as early registration, hero checkin, jersey-pickup. Stop by and see the school (pictured below) sponsoring the Cino as a fundraiser this year!


David Cummings

Cino XI Director