We have a lot of time left to complete registration, but we don’t have much time left to pre-order the jerseys! We have to order them by May 10th (we recently updated this as we got an extension) to be ensure they will be ready by Cino. That seems like a lot of time, but Merino sheep have to be born, hand-fed milk, and massaged daily before sheering. Then it takes Italian grandmothers a good amount of time to wash, comb, spin, and knit the 100% Merino wool jerseys.
OK, maybe it’s not quite that involved, but we do have to allow plenty of time for them to be knit in Europe and sent to the US in time for Cino ’19.
This unique jersey has buttons over the left shoulder and is styled after the Adler team jersey from the 1920’s.
It is available as “merchandise” when registering for Cino. An ultralight short sleeve
and a standard weight long sleeve are available.
If you already registered and now you want to add a jersey, please email me and we’ll get it worked out, no problem.
David Cummings
Cino ’19 Director
See more about Cino Heroica at https://www.cinorider.com.
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