I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding this post. But the news is, we’re taking a break from putting on Cino this year, 2017.   The support and appreciation every year has always been incredible and that’s what fuels the effort.   It gets better every time: last year’s 10th Cino was praised by everyone as the best.  But the fact is, it’s a huge undertaking and we just need to take a rest.  Plan on 2018.

But the rumblings from the riders for 2107 is this: we’re going to ride anyway!  So there is movement to go back to Cino Heroica’s roots. Just show up and do it. Minimal or no organization. Minimal or no support. Etc.  As this idea gels, we’ll post updates on the site and if a champion for the idea emerges, we’ll set up the lines of communication.   The assumed dates would be the weekend after Labor Day, or 9/9-10 this year.

Thanks for the support,