Cino Start is only a few days away


cockpit view of a 1971 Gitane Super Corsa

Click here to see complete start and ride instructions.  But there’s really just two important things to remember about this weekend.

  1. Look good. Dress like the elite cyclists of legend did.  Riding and at dinner.
  2. Make sure your  bike is Cino.  See here for what that means. Although we have never turned anyone away, we are considering  some form of Shame for  non Cino-bike riders.  Something to consider if you’re thinking of say clipless pedals vs. the torture devices you should ride.


  • We still have room to register.  Click here to register online
  • Kalispell Brewing has a special for Cino riders this weekend. 1/2 off second glass, $1 off growlers, 15% off jerseys
  • You might have registered late or otherwise missed an email about drink donations.  Riders are asked to bring a drink donation. Click here for details.
  • Weather forecast looks perfect now, but things could shift.  Bring appropriate gear.
  • Cyclists are welcome to camp at Reed’s house – very close to the start – on Friday and Sunday nights.  Contact  if interested.
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