getting the mascot ready for Cino

getting the ’54 Suburban support vehicle – “Spud”  – ready for Cino

Custom jerseys are now available to order on the site.  Two styles, 100% merino, selling at cost, you can’t ask for more.  Click here to see details and to order.

There is still space available to register for Cino. So don’t hesitate, and tell your friends as well. While we had a registration deadline of 5/27 for grandfathered riders and for the possibility of a lottery, the fact is the ride never fills up by that first deadline. But it will in a month or two.

See registration information here.

Chris Sauve and I just got done with working out the pranza and dinner menus with Anna at Simple Chef Catering. If the fullness of Chris’s and my respective drool cups was any measure of the food we’re planning, the epicurean experience will be memorable.


Jan from Glacier Cyclery – Cino Cancelliere (Registrar) – contemplating an application

Always looking for volunteers. Those that are willing to give up a leg or legs of riding (there are 4 legs total: day 1 before and after lunch, day 2 before and after lunch) are particularly valuable, but we could also use folks that would commit to folding up the dinner area on Sunday morning, loading and unloading the luggage truck, handing out beers, etc. Some of you have spouses or friends tagging along as non-riders that could help. Just email and I’ll get you on a list. Depending on how much they help, we try to award volunteers with a meal or meals, t-shirts, etc.