A bicycle ride celebrating the romance of cycling’s yesteryear’s, in Northwest Montana.  September 10-11th, 2016

Cino Heroica (chee-no) is a celebration of the cycling days of old, when European road racing was dramatic art and racing’s hero’s were admired as much for their style as their courage. The venues were largely unpaved roads, snaking over hellish mountain passes.  Racers rode handmade steel framed bikes that were built as much for style and strength as for speed. The riders drank wine and smoked Gitanes to quell their suffering. “Nutrition” was real food, like cheese, salami, and a baguette. Suffering was an art form taken to a new level by these riders, as they collapsed into the arms of their handlers at race’s end, their faces reflecting something that non-riders will never understand. But at the end of the day, it was all about style, the horrors of the struggle erased by the clink of wine glasses over dinner as the racers celebrated their day’s victories.

Relive this experience as we ride “heroic” (see definition here)  bicycles over an unpaved route from Kalispell to Hot Springs, Montana, and then back the next day.  This ride will reset your definition of life’s basics:  a beautiful view,  the taste of food when you’re truly hungry, your bicycle. Mostly you’ll leave the present world behind for two days, and your big decisions will be reduced to “Cab or the Pinot?” and the  color tie or scarf you will wear to dinner.

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All registration is by US Mail and check and starts NOW.  Cost will be $135 per rider.  Click here for details.

It has always been a goal of Cino Heroica to donate some of the proceeds to a worthy cause. Cino Heroica does not always run “in the black”, but when we do we donate a portion of proceeds to Flathead Cycling – a local bicycle racing team – specifically to the youth program.    This is an effort we will continue and expand.