(Scott Elden (apron) and Fran and Bob Greenburg, Cino 2013)

Thank you Volunteers.

What makes Cino Heroica special is a group of volunteers that get things done with the style and attitude that exemplifies the ride. At the riders start meeting, I mentioned Ron and Jan Brunk of Glacier Cyclery as two key figures behind the ride, doing everything from registration to support to awards. Following are the others who helped (hopefully my lists are good and I have not missed anyone, apologies if I have).

Craig Christophersen ( and Scott Eldon (principal of Montana Creative, are the lead help behind Pranza. This is a huge, incredible logistical and creative effort that starts months before the ride. Think about pulling together food, volunteers, vehicles, tables, tents, serving stuff, ice….. in the middle of nowhere.

Chris Sauve ( is the lead figure behind the starting breakfast, dinner in Hot Springs, breakfast in Symes, tables, napkins, candles, …… Again, a job that literally begins the the year before Cino as all these things need to be planned well in advance.

Bob and Fran Greenburg ( Driving the ’54 Suburban. Sweep and support day 1, support aid station setup day 2

Tyler Furry ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup, 1/2 mile-before-finish-beer-hander-outer.

Chris Polley ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup, 1/2 mile-before-finish-beer-hander-outer. Day 2: Dinner cleanup, Lunch setup, lunch tear down

Dan Lyford ( Day 1: Lunch tear-down Day 2: “Luggage Gang”, lunch help, lunch tear-down

Steve Muller ( Day 1: Start parking coordinator Day 2: “Luggage Gang” The guy who drove the luggage back to the Kila Pub.

Tyler Rassmussen ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup

Tim Noonan ( , Sarah Nelson : Day 1: Start Pranza food load, lunch setup. Dinner cleanup.

Mandy Mohler (Mandy Mohler Photography, Day 1: Hero Shots

Pete Siudara(glacier cyclery, Day 1: Hero shots help

Tim Thomas (The White Room, Day 2: Motorcycle support

Vincent Erikson (Glacier Cyclery): Day 1 & 2: Motorcycle Support Mad creator of many of the awards.

Jerry Lundgren (An Original, year 1 cino rider): Day 1: Motorcycle Support

Michael Meador: (Glacier Cyclery) Day 1: Heroic Bike Check. General all-around help-here-help-there

Jerry Wolhart: ( Day 1 & 2: Driving the ’52 Ford pickup. Guy that seemed to fix, carry and save anything or anybody that needed it

Allison Thomas: Day 2, lunch cleanup

Vanessa Gailey (glacier cyclery): Registration, starting before the start

Paul Stelter (principal of Alamedas Hot Springs Resport, Cino would not be what it is without the preparation and support Paul has put into it by the time we all arrive in Hot Springs.