2014 Lost and found

Found items pictured below.  A few are from 2013.   These are at the ZaneRay office,  email Reed (cinorider@gmail.com) to make arrangements to come by, or have is ship the item to you.



l-and-f_0020 l-and-f_0019 l-and-f_0018 l-and-f_0017 l-and-f_0016 l-and-f_0015 l-and-f_0014 l-and-f_0013 l-and-f_0012 l-and-f_0010 l-and-f_0009 l-and-f_0007 l-and-f_0006 l-and-f_0005 l-and-f_0004 l-and-f_0003 l-and-f_0002 l-and-f_0001