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Cino number:  89
Year of bike:  Don’t know
Make:   Motobecane Mirage
Description:  She was left by my dumpster in Missoula. I adopted and love her still. Her name is Farrah. We’ve been together for nine years. She’s attended two cinos so far.

Cino number:  109
Year of bike:  1981
Make:   Fuji Gran Tourer
Description:  A 50 buck turd from Craigslist. I wanted a mule and its what I got! Powder coat in yellow in memory of my first Schwinn. First set of wheels I ever built. My first try at a retro rebuild. 30 pounds of road hugging weight! Decals from VeloCals. Comfy and forgiving, you can ride it all day. Drives itself.

Cino number:  84
Year of bike:  1972
Make:   colnago super
Description:  The orange beauty I bought from the owner of Red Lobster bikes in Santa Cruz Ca, a few years ago. where it was painted in the Red lobster Orange. dont know what the original color was. Campy neuvo record of period. the wheels I had built around the Campy record hubs and slapped the Challenge Paris-Roubaix 27 tubular tires. I rode it once in a group ride earlier this summer and it felt good enough to hang it back up in my gym. next week it comes down to get the real test

Cino number:  130
Year of bike:  1973
Make:   Harding
Description:  Steel frame bike built in Ireland for a shop in California. Original paint and decals not sure what ‘original’ parts were Suntour and old Shimano now.

JEFF GILL — Calgary,Alberta, Canada
Cino number:  51
Year of bike:  1975
Make:   Cambio Rino
Description:  Steel frame Italian found in friends basement

Cino number:  117
Year of bike:  

Cino number:  94
Year of bike:  1981
Make:   Ross Signature Touring
Description:  Essentially all original barely used from someone garage. Frame was built by Tom Kellogg. Sayeth Tom:
Yes, it is entirely 531 tubing. Lugs are Henry James, dropouts are Campy 1010s, crown is a Cinelli CC, silver soldered except for the dropouts that are brazed.

Cino number:  97
Year of bike:  1963
Make:   Cinelli Supercorsa
Description:  I bought the frame, which had been repainted and had the wrong decals, after stopping by L’Eroica in Italy a few years ago. I had the frame repainted and re-chromed by Bob Freeman of Elliot Bay Bicycles in Seattle. I spent a year gathering period correct parts (steel record derailleur, 151 BCD crankset etc) as well as parts to be used for actual riding (nuovo record derailleur, 144 BCD triple crank). The result was stunning and a joy to ride.

Cino number:  128
Year of bike:  1976
Make:   araya, steel frame 10 speed
Description:  bought in the mid seventies as a ten speed. used regularly into the nineties. reconditioned by hell gate cyclery in missoula .new cables,chain and tires. now a 12 speed,at my age i need a granny gear.

Cino number:  18
Year of bike:  1974
Make:   Proteus Custom
Description:  The Proteus was possibly built by Larry Dean of Proteus, College Park, Maryland as a custom order. It has a full sloping crown with the Continental fork rake. Fork is full chromed with the head tube long point cut out lugs chromed and � of the rear stays chromed with shot in fast back style to the seat post and Campy drops all in the Italian tradition. The Proteus came to me from Steve at the Gravity Garage because he knew I couldn�t resist a road frame form the same builder that built my Proteus MT Frame. Bike came with an odd assortment of economy bike bits. The Proteus now has Universal 77 brakes and levers, TA triple crank on a Campy bottom bracket. Hubs are Campy high flange laced to Velocity Dyad 700c rims. Reworked a WIN Stem with Nitto moustache bars wrapped in black leather from Zombie Tools. The seat post is a Zoom Chromalloy topped by a Brooks Cambium. The complete drive train is yet to be finalized. The rear rack is a Tubus and she rolls on Compass Stampede Pass tires. All in all I have followed the example of Sam Braxton with my Proteus rebuild. My Proteus has suffered in the past from neglect but that is all over now.

Cino number:  120
Year of bike:  1988
Make:   Basso Gap
Description:  Original paint

Cino number:  85
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   nobilette
Description:  Steel frame bike. Was made by Nobilette for Colorado Cyclist. Original paint. Components upgraded in 1988. My commuter bike to work. Just put a new brooks saddle

ALEX MOLL — Marysville,WA
Cino number:  90
Year of bike:  1956
Make:   Holdsworth Whirlwind
Description:  Acquired a few years ago from the original owner, a then 88 y.o. WWII vet. This bike was made to order (via Air Mail correspondence from Seattle to England) for him in the mid 50s, and was his primary mode of transport around Seattle for many years. He didn’t own a car until he was 34 years old. It’s in fantastic condition, with some very high quality original components (i.e. Stronglight steel cotterless cranks.)

Cino number:  21
Year of bike:  1984
Make:   Davidson
Description:  Steel frame Campy components except that it is a single speed now. Raced it in Colorado for several years then switched to mountain bikes. Put the bike in the garage and brought it to Montana for reasons I still can’t figure out. Started road riding again and then racing on a Trek 5200. Have upgraded ever since and still had the Davidson in my basement. I told Eric Greenberg about my bike and that I would sell it for cheap or give it away and that’s when I learned about Cino. He helped me restore it and I ride it frequently and will never give it up now that I know the internal value to me. Not the dollar value!

Cino number:  96
Year of bike:  1983
Make:   Cuevas Barcelona
Description:  Received frame from my wife as gift, built it last winter by getting parts on ebay.

Cino number:  81
Year of bike:  1976
Make:   Rossin Special
Description:  Bought the frame in 1977 in Missoula. Came wrapped in an Italian newspaper. Bike was built up with all Campagnolo and Cinelli components. I rode and raced this bike in and around Western Montana for many years. Mario Rossin was a frame builder for Colnago and broke away to help form Rossin Bicycles in 1974.
This bike was rode to 3 Western Montana Hill Climb Championships.

PAT HENRY — Calgary,Alberta, Canada
Cino number:  68
Year of bike:  1983
Make:   Miyata 900
Description:  This was my second road bike ever. I bought it while going to University in Edmonton, Alberta. It has sat in my garage for years until my son started to ride it around. I am happy to get it back on the road for the Cino Heroica.

It is a chromoly steel frame, black paint with pink accents. Shimano 600 Groupo, with the Biopace oval front cogs(this never lasted long).

Cino number:  107
Year of bike:  1978
Make:   Palo Alto Cycles Italian steel
Description:  I bought the steel Italian racing bike about 20 years ago. I purchased it from a father in Portland, Oregon whose daughter had raced on it for a few years. It had previously been ridden by the father. It became my winter/commuter bike. I had to replace the fork due to damage incurred while driving into my garage with the bike on a roof rack. I had the bike powder coated a teel color, it was originally blue.

I rode the bicycle for about 10 years, then sold it to a good friend’s wife. She passed away a couple years ago. I purchased the bike again for myself recently when I crashed and broke the late 1970’s Medici that I intended for Cino.

The bike it built up as a fixed gear, The only real vintage component is the Campy crank.

Cino number:  117
Year of bike:  2007
Make:   Hotspur
Description:  Years ago I built custom bicycle frames under the label ‘Hotspur’. Building frames was my part time job to help get me through college. The bike I’ll be riding in this year’s Cino is my most recent creation – my first lugged steel frame, purpose built as a fixed gear winter time beater.

Cino number:  27
Year of bike:  1975
Make:   Raliegh International
Description:  Renolds 531, Campy Record, Cinelli stem and bars, purchased in Pinedale Wyo in 1976. Toured Florida that fall.The Brooks saddle was used in my tour from Seattle to Florida the summer of ’81. I rode a Raliegh Pro with sew ups on that tour. I sold the pro and converted the International to clinchers the fall of ’81. I had the frame pained and some cable guides brazed on by Romic Cycles of Houston, Texas in 1991. I’ll ride the Cino with the original Brooks saddle and wheels from ’81.

SUE PURVIS — Whitefish,MT
Cino number:  106
Year of bike:  1975
Make:   Schwinn suburban 10 speed
Description:  Friends grandmas bike. Baby blue. Leather wide seat, 10 speed, shifters in bar. Original pedals. Steel frame. Original paint and components. I am borrowing the bike.

Cino number:  75
Year of bike:  1982
Make:   Motobecane Grand Jubilee
Description:  Bought as a frameset by me in 1982. Built up originally with low-end Suntour and Dia-Compe parts. Took to college by my brother in 1986, then stored in an attic until 2013. Stripped and built up with period Campy and Suntour Superbe parts.

Cino number:  105
Year of bike:  2010
Make:   Salsa Casseroll
Description:  Steel framed single speed/fixie.

CLIFF KIPP — Kalispell,MT
Cino number:  77
Year of bike:  1977
Make:   Motobecane, Mirage
Description:  Heroic. Steel framed French, mid-grade bike. Built in France (Motobecane moved manufacturing to Taiwan, or someplace else). Original components/wheels/drivetrain. Got it from Wheaton’s basement; apparently Margaret got it from a friend of hers who bought new in Missoula way back when. Third time rolling in the Cino.

JOHN WOOD — Missoula,MT
Cino number:  137
Year of bike:  Don’t know
Make:   Braxton
Description:  Bike #18 made by Sam

Cino number:  122
Year of bike:  

SAM GUTTMAN — Cincinnati,OH
Cino number:  63
Year of bike:  1986
Make:   Fuso by Dave Moulton
Description:  Hand Built lugged steel frame by Dave Moulton and listed in his registry, Original 1980’s paint.

Built up with a period correct mix of Suntour Superbe and Sprint. However I did change out the Suntour Sprint 52/42 Crankset for a modern TA compact crankset for this ride. Running 28mm Ruffy Tuffy’s for the gravel.

PETE CHRONIS — Cincinnati,OH
Cino number:  23
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   cicco
Description:  steet framed italian racing bike from early 80’s. no stories; have owned it for couple years. built it up with campy stuff off ebay and from my shop’s ‘odds and ends ‘ box. beautiful i think.

Cino number:  118
Year of bike:  1986
Make:   Bianchi Rekord 940
Description:  My Bianchi is Pepto-Bismol pink. Bought in Germany while living and working there in 2011. The bike was used but looked like NOS – it seemed to have never been ridden. Bought it for the L’Eroica, which I rode in 2011 and 2012. Also rode it in the 2013 Retroronde in Belgium. I still have all the original parts, but I changed a few things (saddle, stem, bar, brake levers, pedals).

Cino number:  84
Year of bike:  Don’t know
Make:   Falcon Jaguar
Description:  Restored

Cino number:  80
Year of bike:  1966
Make:   Bianchi Specialissima
Description:  Unfortunately, no stories. Love riding the Cino Heroica, and wanted an older bike than last year’s ride. So bought the bike on eBay.

Cino number:  20
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   peougeot mont ventoux
Description:  I bought this bike from a gal in Portland who got it back in 1985 or ’86 and only rode it a few times in high school. Some day I plan to climb Le Mont Ventoux on my Mont Ventoux. Then I will drink a lot of good French wine.

Cino number:  66
Year of bike:  1990
Make:   Nashbar ‘CraigEffenstein’
Description:  ? – framed Nashbar I bought from a high school bike-nerd that assembled it with attention to speed, weight and the infinite potential to pick up nerdy biker chicks. I bought it for racing in triathlons in 1991 & have used it since for everything from road rides, to commuting, to Cino-cross pranzaganzas.

Cino number:  67
Year of bike:  1970
Make:   Jupiter Beat
Description:  Constructed with love by uber bike nutter friend, Jon Thomas. We needed a Cino-worthy vintage bike and he said this hexagonal-framed-Japanese-single-speed-demon would/should do the trick. To be determined.

unknown — unknown,unknown
Cino number:  unknown
Year of bike:  1980
Make:   Centurion Pro Tour
Description:  No stories to tell yet. I just got it this spring. I’m not even sure about the year and model; its serial number doesn’t correspond to the coding I’ve found online.

Cino number:  121
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   Trek 510
Description:  Reynolds 501 Cromally Double Butted frame, Campy Triiomphe. Bought it for $100 at a pawn shop in 2013, pretty good shape.

Cino number:  121
Year of bike:  1986
Make:   Trek 760
Description:  Drooled over this green and lavender bike for a year before I bit in 1987, figured it was my reward for completing my Internal Medicine Residency. I think the shop was happy to get rid of it–girlie color, tiny size, and really expensive. I took it back into the shop recently and it attracted quite a crowd with lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ It’s still the sweetest ride ever and still makes me smile.

Cino number:  133
Year of bike:  1973
Make:   Schwinn Paramount
Description:  Reynolds 531 frame and fork. Nervex lugs. One of a kind P21. All original campagnolo components. Titan stem. Maes handlebars. Phil wood hubs. Set up for Cino.

Cino number:  140
Year of bike:  1945
Make:   J.W. Evans, semi-custom ‘The Evans’
Description:  New to me, 1940’s English steel, 3-speed road bike. Repainted by Bob Jackson, and built up by me. I’ve tried to use period appropriate parts, that would have been available in the 1930’s. The exceptions are the Solida Cats chainring from Bespoke Chainrings – Probably not appropriate on an English bike of that era, and the Phil Wood Bottom bracket – But Phil Wood is the only source for Chater Lea bottom brackets at the moment.

Cino number:  119
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   Trek 660
Description:  Investment cast lugged steel frame. Handed down from ex-wife, who rode it to a podium finish in the 1986 Hawaiin Ironman. I had the old orange paint bead blasted, then professionally repainted pale pink. Renamed the ‘Dork,’ at the suggestion of my dear friend Kim Hahn (father of Jamul and Kiefer). This bike has solo’ed Peaks to Prairie five times and appeared in countless traditional triathlons–in the pre-carbon fiber era…

Cino number:  91
Year of bike:  1960
Make:   Schwinn Paramount
Description:  Original paint and ‘Disneyland’ decals. All major components are original equipment. Even the spokes and Fiamme sew-up rims are original. Stronglight 47-50 cottered steel cranks. Lyotard pedals. Nitor first-generation plastic seat and steel seatpost combination. Campy ‘no-Record’ hubs. Titan steel stem with Maes bars. Campy Gran Sport derailleurs. Photos:

Cino number:  124
Year of bike:  1984
Make:   Schwinn Voyageur SP
Description:  Steel framed touring bike which I bought during my last semester of college in 1984. The paint and most of the components are original though I have used this bike much and have had to replace parts. I purchased the bike to tour Europe in 1985 and rode about 4000 miles through England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Lichtenstein and Belgium. She’s a worthy steed!

unknown — unknown,unknown
Cino number:  unknown
Year of bike:  1987
Make:   Miyata seven ten
Description:  Steel framed Japanese road bike pulled from the basement of Wheaton’s (after being rescued from some barn or field), restored by my husband, original paint, handlebar tape, components. Spiffy new tires for the Cino!

Cino number:  108
Year of bike:  1986
Make:   Gios Torino Professional
Description:  Rarely seen red Gios (not Brooklyn team Blue), with a dash of chrome. All original 1986 components except for new rims. Bought in England 10 years ago, so the brakes are switched around for extra downhill excitement.

Cino number:  76
Year of bike:  Don’t know
Make:   Peugeot PX10
Description:  This petite mademoiselle was a mail-order bride from Bruce Rinnert in Big Timber, MT. She lives with me now in Boise where I treat her to many lubrications of almond paste and vin ordinaire. Elle est, comment dit-on, ooo la, la.

Cino number:  78
Year of bike:  1981
Make:   Peugeot Course
Description:  It was the color that I first fell in love with as a wee lad. The brilliant pearl orange finish with blocky avocado-hued lettering (PEUGEOT) would not be denied. It couldn’t be ignored. My father bought the bike in Maine and rode it during many century rides, including one around the south shore of Lake Erie. Eventually he replaced this too-tall bike with a more sensible racing model, which meant that once I sprouted legs long enough to mostly straddle the Course, I did. I rode it for my first road race at age 14�a race that nearly killed me (nobody bothered to tell me that road racing meant sucking wheel!). I rode the Course off and on through the 80s and 90s before moving west, but I regularly encountered the bike during holiday visits, gathering dust in my parents’ basement. It’s orange hue still grabbed my attention. I haven’t ridden the Course in at least fifteen years, but I’m repacking bearings, wrapping the bars in non-varmint-chewed tape, and dusting her off for the Cino…so, let’s hope the French knew what they were doing when they built this bike.

Cino number:  139
Year of bike:  

Cino number:  139
Year of bike:  
Make:   Kogswell P/R
Description:  Steel frame, Crome finish, 650 b wheels, built with a mix of old parts.

Cino number:  88
Year of bike:  1981
Make:   Schwinn Voyager SP
Description:  Crazy story…but the giant green Varsity is going to sit this cino out. I met David from Seattle at the last cino. He had an uncle or something who was a Schwinn dealer in the 70’s and 80’s. Had vague memories of a large frame kicking about in some garage somewhere…27′ to be exact. He then GAVE it to me! Mailed it my way! I felt guilty and sent a couple of my prints his way as a thank you. The most amazing thing was that the frame had never been fitted…never had a nut on it…never saw a set of allen keys in it’s life. There is still goo from the dealer sticker on the top tube. I spent the last year floundering through a bike building process where I spent about half of my resources towards the wrong components and a donor bike that actually donned very little. Many lessons learned. I did however find a front fork with a 300mm head tube. I was told that was near impossible and that I’d have to have a custom one fabbed. E-bay is amazing. On the bright side, I’m sort of hooked on this bike building thing and am already thinking of my next project…

Cino number:  83
Year of bike:  1971
Make:   Gitane Tour de France
Description:  My younger brother purchased the bike from Edelwise Ski Shop (Sam Braxton) during his sophomore year at Hellgate High School. He rode the TOSRV a few times with the bike, and it moved with him through his life. Finally it was kind of beat up and he was using it inside in the winter months with a stationary peddling machine in White Salmon, Washington. That is when I asked if I could borrow it to ride the Cino. I fixed it up mechanically and rode my first ride, then I thought I should make a project out of this and restore it and so I did. It will be going on its fourth Cino this year, but it has just been a great bike to ride all summer for the last four years, I have really enjoyed it.

Cino number:  26
Year of bike:  1976
Make:   Stella
Description:  Columbus steel French race bike my dad bought new in Salt Lake City. It has full campy record. My dad rode it from Seattle to Ft Walton Beach FL on this bike. (With sew ups). It has been hanging in the garage for years as I have grown up. I rode this bike in the 2001 Whitefish Lake Triathalon, so it has been bastardized, but still mostly original.

Cino number:  136
Year of bike:  1959
Make:   Raleigh Grand Prix, Reg Harris Edition
Description:  A fellow at work was retiring and trying to lighten his load. He showed me this old Raleigh that he had set up as a fixie and i thought ‘wow, this needs a lot of work’. I asked how much he wanted for it and he said ‘it’s yours’. I guess he knew that I would take care of it, but what a nice gesture! So I took it home and turned it into a 10 speed. Original headset, original hubs. Original frame and paint job. Found some old derailleurs and shift levers and brought it back to life as a functional hill climber.

Cino number:  44
Year of bike:  1980
Make:   Schwinn Voyager 11.8
Description:  Chrome plated frame. Bought new in Seattle in 1980. Been riding it fixed gear for many years.

Cino number:  49
Year of bike:  1986
Make:   Italian made Bianchi Special Formula II (in Celeste of course)
Description:  I bought this fine machine rather recently because I missed the feel of the steel. The real story however is about the saddle. This well worn, far from pretty piece of leather has been with me for thousands of miles. It held me up on my first hand me down road bike, the Schwinn LeTour III. Indeed this ratty only piece of cowhide is a bit of a family heirloom. Despite the fact that it could actually be used as a boat anchor, this saddle will continue to grace my ride as long as it will hold my weight.

For a little extra flair:
Gum break hoods, cloth shellacked bar tape, champagne cork bar ends, leather saddle, frame pump, down tube shifting, original celeste paint job, Italian made Columbus tubing.

In Bianchi’s words: ‘Bianchi Special Formula II by Columbus in Superset design, dual bottle mounts, pump peg, Gipiemme forkends, Bianchi engraved seat stays’

Cino number:  123
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra
Description:  Zeus New Racer group with Supercronos RD and Simplex shifters.

Cino number:  48
Year of bike:  1984
Make:   Fuji Del Rey
Description:  Purchased at a synagogue rummage sale, my Fuji was my only form of transportation for many years. This ol’ lady’s been good to me.

Cino number:  31
Year of bike:  1988
Make:   Specialized Sirrus
Description:  My first road bike in high school, still my main road bike. I took it to college with me. One night someone stole my and my girlfriend’s POS mountain bikes and left the road bike. Thank GOD they didn’t know what they left behind. I got an excuse to upgrade to get a decent MTN bike too!

Cino number:  31
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   Specialized Allez SE
Description:  Bike was located at a thrift store by a friend of ours; my husband purchased it immediately. Under the layers of dust was a bike in decent condition. It took him all summer to refurbish it, but he finally did it. Except for the pedals, bottom bracket, and freewheel, it’s all original. Through the beauty of friction shifting, he upgraded from 6-speed to 7-speed, swapped in a longer B-screw and I now have a wider range 14-28 freewheel. We will be ‘Team Specialized’ together with his Sirrus!

BRAD JOHNS — Calgary,Alberta, Canada
Cino number:  73
Year of bike:  1985
Make:   Mongoose Mangusta
Description:  Steel framed, chrome bike built by Motobecane for Mongoose’s first attempt at road bikes for the North American market. Bought this on eBay for vintage rides so no long ownership history. However, it was reassembled by vintage mechanic Ed Novotni in Calgary. All original campy components except for Shimano freewheel. Also has new rims and 28mm tires. Great condition and a nice ride.

Cino number:  58
Year of bike:  1983
Make:   Fuji America
Description:  Steel framed Japanese sport touring bike.

SYLVIA OWEN — Kalispell,MT
Cino number:  98
Year of bike:  2014
Make:   Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen
Description:  My bike was born of Cino 2013. Back problems have interfered with riding in recent years, and when I saw Rivendell as a Cino sponsor and eyed their website, I drooled over their vintage-style bicycles. Riding with a fellow Cino participant in 2013 who had a Riv sealed the deal: I had to have one! I paid up and waited nearly 6 months for my A. Homer Hilsen to arrive. The albatasche handlebar it arrived with fit me poorly, but recently the bike was Hansartized and now sports a genuine vintage Italian bar with white bar tape. I now love my bike! Is that the Alps I hear calling my name??

Reed Gregerson — Whitefish,MT
Cino number:  142
Year of bike:  1982
Make:   Saturn, built by John Padgett of California
Description:  A custom, fillet brazed frame. All classic Campy Record components. Original paint. Non-original: Brooks Swallow saddle.

This bike was given to me by the famous Cupertino Bike Shop as a sponsorship deal for me to ride in the 1982 Hawaiian Ironman. Besides it’s beautiful fillet brazed joints, it sports several features that were ahead of it’s time. Like a top tube squashed for more lateral stiffness, as well as the seat and down tubes squashed where they join the bottom bracket. It was essentially a time trial bike, before aero features and time trial bars were being considered.

I rode it to a 9th place finish in the October, 1982 Ironman. I continue to ride it on a regular basis.