Following is the list of interesting bikes making it over the mountains to Hot Springs this year. Reading this list, you wonder if the year is 1980 something, or if the year is 2066, oil is gone, carbon fiber bikes have all disintegrated into brittle little pieces, and this is a  list of an intrepid band of survivors making their way south on the only bikes that have survived the collapse of civilization.

Andre Swiss-Tex  Bohren Surprise
Ian   Woods Old Bianchi from the early 80’s . Neither fancy nor elegant , but at least it’s Italian ??
Nick   Woods Not sure yet , but most def something old and steely !
Brace  Hayden Most likely, a well-used Nashbar I bought with my lawnmowing $ my in 1991?
Teagan   Hayes My Jamis has been on many adventures with me, including a 2400 mile trek from the Yukon Territory to Yellowstone N.P.
cathy  galbraith TBD
walt  chauner 1985 davidson
Chris  Sauve Miele – early 80’s- been ridden on Cino twice before
Kathryn  McEnery My 1985 Trek 520.  Used for Ragbrai XIII (1985), two rides on Seattle to Portland, and Cino 2011.
Mario  Enriquez Custom 1985 lugged steel Davidson or….. Surly Pugsley done up in a muey CINO style!
Adam  Cosic Could be one of three -1994 Bridgestone XO3 – think Pineapple Bob.1970’s Olympian lugged steel frame with a sweet apple green patina, or a Hansome Devil tourer build – well see wich one is going on the day.
sarah  bilal well- i hope to  have a new bike before the ride- so we will see?!
Peter  Leander not sure, but it sure makes my butt hurt!
Tom  Leander Felt mountain bike
Aaron  Grable 1980 Fuji America.
Jeff  Nelson Not sure about the bike yet…but I’m thinking it will be orange so I’d like to get an orange jersey if possible
David  Conner 1985 Eddy Merckx w/Molteni liverey and Campy Record groupo
Adrian  Kien Single speed, steel, Motobecane Fantom Uno. Brooks Saddle. It is special because it is my bike. There’s nothing overly special as far as products go, but we’ve been through so much together.
Leif  Bjelland 84 Ciocc
Adrian  Kien I ride a Motobecane Fantom Uno. It is a single speed cyclo-cross bike. It is not special from an outsider’s perspective, but very dear to me as I ride almost every single day. It is steel, the brake cables are exposed. I think it qualifies as a modest Cino bike.
pete  kalos not sure yet
jay  marschall 72 schinnn le tour single speed
Mike  Morawski 88 specialized RockCombo, rumor has it only 500 made that year.
Chuck  Haney 1988 Bruce Gordon Touring, Rode it across country
Chris  Reino Custom rivendell road, built by rivdel in 1995, one of the first shipped.  No extended headtube, rare!
Christine  Reino Rivendell Sam Hillborne
steve  bjorklund 70,s windsor profesional
Noah  Singer Single speed Ibis Hakkalugi. CX bike with one manly gear. It’s carbon, but it’s all I have. I’ve converted it to SS, and put on toe clips. It also has exposed cables so I guess it qualifies for the Heroica category. The only cool thing about it — The rear brake boss is called “The hand job”.
Steve  Brain Steel cross bike converted to single speed.
Corbin  Schwanke Single speed steel, not vintage
carl  ambrose surry pacer.   I’ll have new tires
cohen  ambrose ’80 san renshow
Tony   Neaves Mid-70’s peugeot PH-8, reynolds tubing, simplex super LJ, Mafac c-pulls
Annie  Creighton 1977 Bertin cyclo-cross bike- simplex super LJ, mafac cantis, TA, Mailaird,etc.
Ada  Montague Kona Dew Drop – made possible by a grant!
Federico  Piola The history of “Mi Heroica Dama” is unknown, she has a hard of steel and awaits patiently for another dusty, gravely, and painful “Heroico” ride!
Risa  Sibbitt haven’t decided. it’s either old school with drop down shifters, or it’s my steel bike with older school pedals.
Brett  Tallman My bike is a Schwinn Voyager SP which was built as  a touring bike in 1984. In 1985 I rode about 4000 miles through Europe – thousands of miles and 27 years later she’s still going strong as a converted cross bike.
sasha  Montagu late 60s Colonago
Mark “Lucky”  Loncar 71 Gitane Supercorsa
David  Secrest 1980 SR
Benjamin  Irey Rivendell Atlantis
Earl  Craig singular single speed, or early 80’s fuji
David  Cummings 1988 Specialized Sirrus – first and only road bike I ever purchased.  Please, please, please, please, please, please move the “heroic” status of bikes up from 1987 to 1988. 😀 It does have a steel frame, downtube shifters, stock Shimano 105 toeclips, exposed cables, and can be switched to non-indexed shifting (however it does have SIS, the first successful, reliable, indexed shifting system). I also have a vintage helmet to match.  As you can see, I’m a bike-nerd.
Dawn  Cummings Possibly riding a 1973 Gitane Tour de France… or a new Kona Cyclo-cross bike.  TBD.
John  Howard late 70’s Cinelli, used in 1980 Ironman
Mikel  parrish Trek XO1
Mark  Manning 1933 Excell
Christine  Phillips Not so sure yet …
Bill  Rigby Greeny gold Bianchi San Remo
Emily  Glasson old road bike I found at the dump
Matt  Trebesch 1972 Motobecane Grand Record.  Probably the best factory shot at a randonneur bike.  All non-plastic Simplex drivetrain- built it up this summer.
Eric  Greenberg 1962 frejust track bike
Kari   Greenberg 1967 frejus
Jack  Minnich My first mountain bike. Old Specalized Hard Rock. Tried and True mountain bike, now my faithful commuter bike.
stephanie  sunshine its a beautiful lotus!!
Edgar  Smith boring.  bianchi cyclocross circa 2008.  looking for a nice road frame this summer so this may change.
matthew   pendergast 1977 bruce gordon custom – same as last year unless i got the gumption to go fixed on an old paramount
Eryn  Schneider 1982 Motobecane Jubilee Sport
Evan  Holmstrom 84 Trek, made in Wisconsin, single speed or 2010 Soma Saga
Tiffany  Nitschke Davidson
Anders  Broste Early 80’s Trek 500 Series lugged steel. All original Campy! Brooks seat and bar wrap.
Kerri   Broste Unknow. But there will be one!
Brian  Moore 78′ Sekai – master of the dirt road
Sheila  Moore Pretty in Pink
Ryan  Marsh Will be a 1970 Raleigh single speed or a 1985 Nishiki.
Kyle  Watkins I’m not sure what bike I’m riding.  It will be a cyclocross bike. Probably with gears this year (I know – I’m lame). If it does have gears, it will be the newest bike I have and most likely might even be its inaugural ride. Not very heroic, I know.
Reed  Gregerson 60’s Bertin, built up as faux Path Racer, 2 speed kickback hub, Lauterwasser bars, Brooks, etc.


Brunk Ron totally Cino
Brunk Jan Jamis Nova
Riopel Rachael Bianchi – from a thrift shop – 45 bucks and I love it!
Marchant Tim Not sure what I’ll be riding, yet.
Thomas Pete Colnago Sprint (mid 80’s?).
Thomas Allison 1972 Raleigh International
Roberts Henry Early 70’s Schwinn Paramount Tandem. We bought it last year with the hope of being the first tandem team to complete the Cino Heroica.
Roberts Essie My husband bought this big purple 1970’s Schwinn Paramount Tandem and I’ll be hanging onto the back, white knuckled, screaming, and asking him to brake more
Hunt Nathan It’s cheap and looks like it’s made from plumbing parts in a Chinese sweat shop, but came with an Italian sounding name on it: Vilano.
Meador Michael It’s hauled one big-ass man for a number of years.  It’s steel, it’s real, and I know I said it last year, but it’s killed a deer.
Ludwig Blake 1972 Gitane  a one year veteran of the Cino Ride
Tanner Kate ???
Smith Richard 1977 Raleigh Supercourse.  Honeymooned  on it for 2 weeks in 1985, in Scotland, with my betrothed and “reason for living”.
Atwood Duncan 1969 Peugeot PX10, with period upgrades.
Selser Will 1973 Benotto, ridden to MT Men’s Road Championship 1975
Pfannenstiel Melissa it’s from the ’80’s, i call her “thriller”, purchased this summer at a yardsale for $80
schmidt jason Specialized cyclocross bike.
Martin Jeremiah 1990ish Olmo San Remo.  Lugged Steel with 105 and Biopace!
Downing David An 86ish Fuji America, built as a fixie, converted to a singlespeed, original brakes and front wheel. Was gifted to me from the best neighbor in the world.
Ford Robert Nothin’ too special – Shogun frame (not sure of the year but it’s pretty old) – single speed, mustache bars – pretty ugly all around
Toth Kenneth 80’s mtn bike
Scott Tristan 1980 Raleigh Sport, Reynolds tubing, single-speed, flip-flop hub.
Andersen John 1980’s Pinarello Montello.  This bikes  original owner ran the bike into his garage, when he forgot to take it off the roof rack, but it survived OK.  This bike has never flatted on Chino.
Axelsen Hans 1973 Lygie from Milan
Torgerson David Gios Torino 1986 with Campy C  record.
Schneider Bill 1982 Ciocc
Chisholm Dan 1982 Raleigh Grand Prix, Brooks seat, Chino certified 2011
Flury Jeffrey Rivendell Quickbeam SS

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