the ZaneRay Group the ZaneRay Group

ZaneRay is a “web development and software engineering” firm located in Whitefish, Montana. ZaneRay services clients from around the world. They include Patagonia Clothing, Nixon Watches, Filson, Competitive Cyclist and Hammer Nutrition among others.

Visit ZaneRay headquarters on any given day and you’ll wonder if you’re looking at a bike shop, or a web design company. ZaneRay’s enthusiasm for bicycles – particularly vintage lightweights – is what sparked the idea for Cino Heroica and continues to be one of the sources of energy behind the event. See www.zaneray.com

Glacier CycleryGlacier Cyclery

Glacier Cyclery is a bicycle shop in the old tradition, staffed by individuals who love bicycles and have long experience with them. They sell and service the most modern of bicycles, but also have the increasingly rarer, esoteric experience (and tools) to deal with “cino” bikes.

Glacier Cyclery is a major source of support for Cino Heroica, in particular for the behind the scenes work that goes into such an event. If you need help with your bike in any way for this event, contact Glacier first. (406) 862-6446 or www.glaciercyclery.com



What do Cino bikes and a 115 year old clothing manufacturer have in common?  We think quite a bit. We have been users of Filson goods since long before the Internet blossomed.  Filson manufacturers luggage and  outdoor clothing using  materials like waxed cotton, wool, and leather. The designs are timeless: some Filson styles sold today are over 100 years old. When it comes to describing the essence of Cino, these concepts should sound familiar. You’ll see plenty of Filson bags and clothing among bike riders these days.

Hammer NutritionHammer Nutrition

While we certainly endorse the old fashioned, and are known to use as much Chianti as sports drink, we recognize that the modern thoughts on hydration and fueling are on track. Hammer Nutrition makes fuels and supplements for athletes—but what we love about them is they are all based on substances you can find in your garden or produce aisle. They make substances from things like fruit juice, huckleberries, raspberries, and chocolate. They also make great products especially formulated for riding bikes long distances, and they’ve brought us home many a time.

In other words, you get a lot of style points for a baguette in your back pocket, but a pouch of Hammer Gel might actually save your life.