Thank you Cino volunteers


 (Scott Elden (apron) and Fran and Bob Greenburg, Cino 2013)

Thank you Volunteers.

What makes Cino Heroica special is a group of volunteers that get things done with the style and attitude that exemplifies the ride. At the riders start meeting, I mentioned Ron and Jan Brunk of Glacier Cyclery as two key figures behind the ride, doing everything from registration to support to awards. Following are the others who helped (hopefully my lists are good and I have not missed anyone, apologies if I have).

Craig Christophersen ( and Scott Eldon (principal of Montana Creative, are the lead help behind Pranza. This is a huge, incredible logistical and creative effort that starts months before the ride. Think about pulling together food, volunteers, vehicles, tables, tents, serving stuff, ice….. in the middle of nowhere.

Chris Sauve ( is the lead figure behind the starting breakfast, dinner in Hot Springs, breakfast in Symes, tables, napkins, candles, …… Again, a job that literally begins the the year before Cino as all these things need to be planned well in advance.

Bob and Fran Greenburg ( Driving the ’54 Suburban. Sweep and support day 1, support aid station setup day 2

Tyler Furry ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup, 1/2 mile-before-finish-beer-hander-outer.

Chris Polley ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup, 1/2 mile-before-finish-beer-hander-outer. Day 2: Dinner cleanup, Lunch setup, lunch tear down

Dan Lyford ( Day 1: Lunch tear-down Day 2: “Luggage Gang”, lunch help, lunch tear-down

Steve Muller ( Day 1: Start parking coordinator Day 2: “Luggage Gang” The guy who drove the luggage back to the Kila Pub.

Tyler Rassmussen ( Day 1: “Luggage Gang”, aid station setup

Tim Noonan ( , Sarah Nelson : Day 1: Start Pranza food load, lunch setup. Dinner cleanup.

Mandy Mohler (Mandy Mohler Photography, Day 1: Hero Shots

Pete Siudara(glacier cyclery, Day 1: Hero shots help

Tim Thomas (The White Room, Day 2: Motorcycle support

Vincent Erikson (Glacier Cyclery): Day 1 & 2: Motorcycle Support Mad creator of many of the awards.

Jerry Lundgren (An Original, year 1 cino rider): Day 1: Motorcycle Support

Michael Meador: (Glacier Cyclery) Day 1: Heroic Bike Check. General all-around help-here-help-there

Jerry Wolhart: ( Day 1 & 2: Driving the ’52 Ford pickup. Guy that seemed to fix, carry and save anything or anybody that needed it

Allison Thomas: Day 2, lunch cleanup

Vanessa Gailey (glacier cyclery): Registration, starting before the start

Paul Stelter (principal of Alamedas Hot Springs Resport, Cino would not be what it is without the preparation and support Paul has put into it by the time we all arrive in Hot Springs.

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Pre-ride Bulletin #1 – some room left, camping, prep, post ride at pub

The ride is soon. I’ll be sending another mailing with details, but here’s click here for the basics of how the weekend works

Due to some cancellations, we have openings and are accepting more riders right now. Because it’s the 11th hour, riders can signup and pay online. Tell your friends, here’s the link to signup.

The Kila Pub – formerly known as the “Cottage Cafe” – is open and will be where we can congregate after the ride on Sunday. They have food, drinks, etc. Keep that in mind when planning your post ride activities.

Per always, anyone wanting to camp where I live the night before (Friday, 9/5) and the return night (Sunday, 9/7) is welcome. I live a mile or two from the start. Please call or email, and I’ll get you directions.  406-270-0590,

Some prep to think about:

  • What am I going to wear? Dinner at Cino is always an elegant affair, but that means a holey T-shirt no longer cuts it for attire. Time to start see whether that suit or cocktail dress you own still fits, and if you cleaned the avocado stains off your tie from the last time you used it.
  • Is my bike ready? Contact Glacier Cyclery (Ron, if you have questions about whether your bike will meet Cino approval. Also, time to think getting some fat tires on that vintage machine to handle the dirt.

Be seeing you soon, Reed

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Announcing the 8th Annual Cino Heroica

A Heroic bike ride celebrating cycling’s yesteryears, in Northwest Montana.  September 6-7th, 2014

Cino Heroica (chee-no) is a celebration of the cycling days of old, when European road racing was dramatic art and racing’s hero’s were admired as much for their style as their courage. The venues were largely unpaved roads, snaking over hellish mountain passes.   Racers rode steel framed bikes that were built as much for toughness as for speed. They drank wine and smoked Gitanes to quell their suffering. “Nutrition” was real food, like cheese, salami, and a baguette. Suffering was an art form taken to a new level by these riders, as they collapsed into the arms of their handlers at race’s end, their faces reflecting something that non-riders will never understand. But at the end of the day, it was all about style, the horrors of the struggle erased by the pasta with truffles, crystal goblets of Chianti and polite conversation.

Relive this experience as we ride “heroic” bicycles over an unpaved route from Kalispell to Hot Springs, Montana, and then back the next day.  This ride will reset your definition of life’s basics:  a beautiful view,  the taste of food when you’re truly hungry, your bicycle. Mostly you’ll leave the present world behind for two days, and your big decisions will be reduced to “Cab or the Pinot?” and the  color tie or scarf you will wear to dinner.

WE CHANGED THE REGISTRATION.  AS THE RIDE IS RETRO, SO  IS THE REGISTRATION.  All registration is by US Mail and check and starts NOW.   Click here for details. Cost will be $100 per rider.

Click here for more about Cino….


  • The ride will be limited to 160 riders
  • YOU MUST HAVE A CINO (aka “Heroic”) BIKE! No grandfathering in a non-heroic bike as we did last year. Click here to see requirements for a Cino bike
  • Mail in registration (yes, we changed our minds from doing it online)
  • $100 entry/rider.
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Calling all Photographers!

mandy-photographerWe need your photos!

Every year at the Cino we love to pull together a set of everyone’s photos of their experience.  This takes a while, but its the best way to get all the different groups covered. We collect the photos and put them into our core CinoRider Flickr set. We make a point to credit all photos back to the submitter—if you are a photographer and want to put a water mark on the photos that’s totally cool too.

All the photos will live in the permanent archive here:

Photos can be send on disc to:

Cino Photos
c/o The ZaneRay Group
215 1st Street
Whitefish, MT 59937

Or if you place them on-line in a place we can grab them, email the location to:

Its probably not a great idea to email the photos directly to me, unless you have a small set that you want to submit, (less than 20?)





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Cino Sott’acqua

Cino rider Mandy Mohler pedals through a massive thunderstorm at the 2013 Cino Heroica

There are many takeaways from this year’s Cino Heroica—there are many stories yet to be told, and great memories that will not any time soon. One thing was clear on Sunday however, the real heroes of this year’s Cino were not on the podium.

For many years the organizers of the Cino Heroica have discussed what the ride might look like if we finally added some real Montana weather. Anyone who has spend a fall here knows that temperature swings, blazing sun, or random precipitation from torrential downpours to driving snow—are all possible in September in Montana. But in 7 years of organizing the event we’ve never see anything other than blue skies. To many, this year’s ride was exactly like that, 65 degrees at the start, and partial cloudy 70-85 degree weather throughout the weekend.  But the first half of the peleton that rolling into Smith Lake on Sunday may not even be aware of the inspired work going on hours behind them.

The lunch crew was packing up shop around 2:30pm, when the final 20 riders staggered in.  All manner of excuses lead people to the back of the pack, from broken deraileurs, advanced age, poor training, heavy smoking or overindulgence in cheese or vino—the trailing group were a sordid lot. By the time the final three were ready mount their bikes, the blue skies had given way to a heinous thunderstorm. The temperature had dropped significantly, the wind was cranking, and the rain was a complete downpour. They would be starting the climb at the start of the storm.

Anderw Elsen and team, about to set out into the climb, during the worst storm in Cino historyAndrew Elsen of Missoula, Montana was among the last group. Of advanced age himself and riding a 1933 Merlin bike, and not packing a rain coat, he had ever excuse to call it a day and hope in the truck. His response? “I’ve got this wool jersey with me if I get cold, and my train doesn’t leave until 7:00am tomorrow. I don’t care what time I arrive, I’ll finish.” We’re not completely sure how he fit the Superman suit under his tight Merlin jersey, but we know it was there.

At this point the last riders set out, the lunch crew finished packing the Land Rover and everyone began the climb up Brown’s Meadow’s Pass. One by one the last vehicles roll past stubborn Cino riders, cold, drenched, offering only a thumbs up and a refusal to pack it in.

About 3:30pm the storm turned ugly. Static lightning was seen and heard over-head jumping from from cloud to cloud, going on for what seemed like minutes. The rain got even harder, and the storm started mixing in rain within it. But again, there was no quit in the Cino riders. A few were seen huddling under trees, others feared the trees as lightning rods. But in the moments between danger they were all back on their seats cranking away.

top-o-pass2 tweed wet wet-rider bahlol bahlol2 diann hiding jacquie ron top-o-pass


An hour or two later everyone was at Smith Lake, enjoying pizza from Two Dog Pizzeria and telling the tales of the day, and luckily there was enough wine left to aid those suffering.

Thanks so much to everyone who rode or volunteered, it was an amazing weekend. Cino riders are on the clock 363 days left to prepare for Cino Heroica 2014.






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It’s close, Final Start instructions


The start is soon.  We have 150 riders. We have 2 famous guest riders. Lots of extremely cool bikes. We have some good schwag to give out. Wonderful meal planned. Decent riding weather forecast….

These serve as the final pre-ride instructions, although you may get other emails re: payment, lunch, etc.

As of this writing, we had some cancellations and slots open. If you know someone interested in riding, call.

Any questions, call sooner than later to:

  • Glacier Cyclery 406-862-6446
  • Reed 406-270-0590

Or email


The ride starts from the Kila School, morning of Saturday 9/7, 9am. NOTE THAT THIS IS ONE HOUR BEFORE PREVIOUS YEARS STARTS. Registration will be from 7:00 to 8:30. Try to show up early. Pre-ride sermon at 8:45. Hoping to start at 9AM.

Address of start: Kila School, 395 Kila Road, Kila, Montana. The Kila road turnoff is about 9 miles west of Kalispell on Highway 2 (starting from where 93 crosses Hwy 2). Take a left on Kila Road at the Cottage Inn , the school is about a quarter-mile down the road. Google directions here.

Preparation: Have your overnight and/or camping gear packed up in a duffle. It will go in a truck ahead of you to Hot Springs. If you have gear you may want to access on the ride at lunch, keep it separate and throw it in one of the support trucks.

Lunch contribution: Look for the Land Rover Defender and official looking folks around it. They’ll take your lunch.

Breakfast: Ceres Bakery will serve a light Continental breakfast at the start, including coffee, juice, baked goods, and fruit. Should be enough to get you to pranza.

Car: You can leave your vehicle in the Kila school parking lot for the weekend. Usual warning about not leaving valuables in it, etc.

Registration: Go to registration to sign waivers, confirm you’re there, pick up jerseys, etc. If you have a heroic bike, you will want the recognition to be official. Part of registration is going before the Cino judges and getting your number stamped as Heroic. You will be directed to do so at registration, but be sure and show up early enough at the start to do this. See the site for Heroic qualifications.

 The ride

There will be support vehicles, but they will be guaranteed to be somewhere else when you need them. Bring a pump and spare tubes as a minimum.

Two water bottles on the bike is nice to have, water stations are 20 miles apart on the course.

As of this writing, the weather is forecast to be 70’s, small chance of rain. Could be perfect riding weather. But it’s Montana, where things can change rapidly. It’s a good idea to bring clothes for cold and hot weather, and even a rain coat or good windbreaker. Recommend that any clothes you need on the ride carry. You can put it in one of the support cars, but it may not be there when you need it.

Hot Springs

The destination is Alamedas Hot Springs Resort, in Hot Springs

If you’re camping at Alamedas, make sure you bring $15 and a towel. You can make camping arrangements when you get there.

If you aren’t camping, it means you have reservations at either Alamedas, or Symes. If you don’t have reservations, you’re camping or you can try for a room at Symes. See for additional info on places to stay. Remember you get 10% off at Symes if you’re cino.

Your gear will be waiting for you at Alamedas when you get there, along with cold refreshments, etc.


In the early years of Cino, a shirt with buttons at dinner would have drawn comments about being stylish. Nowadays, you will feel under dressed with only a dress shirt. Don’t forget that dress shirts, dresses, cool looking pants, dress shoes,ties, sport jackets, stylish blouses, etc. won’t go unappreciated at our time in Hot Springs. We won’t give you a hard time if you prefer shorts and a T-shirt, but if you want to identify with the bicycling greats, you start by dressing like one. Fausto even dressed cool when he rode, and it was a linen suit when he didn’t.

Bring a swimsuit if you are inclined to soak in the hot springs.


Is from 6:00 to 8:30. There are options for gluten free and vegetarian.


As you prep for the weekend, keep in mind the following awards

Traditional Cino Heroica Awards. Except for the Eddy, these are by participant vote.

  • The Eddy Merckx – first in to Hot Springs from lunch on a Heroica bike, gets free dinner
  • The Fausto Coppi – Most stylish
  • The René Vietto – Most Heroic/Unselfish
  • The Jacques Anquetil – That individual who most shows an unbound passion for life and everything Cino. Eg. you get in some fights and close down the bars (bar) in Hot Springs drinking and telling racing stories, and whip everyone going up the big climb the next day. Or something like this. Just remember that others like to sleep.
  • The Whitehandlebar Tape Award – One who most exemplifies the spirt of Cino.

Other awards

  • First registered
  • Oldest bike
  • Most flats
  • Most times participated in Cino Heroica
  • Highest heroic bike points
  • Most authentic retro outfit and bike
  • The “I’m glad I’m not riding this guy’s bike” award
  • Furthest traveled
  • Most cino registration entry
  • Best lunch contribution

And others….




Reed Gregerson, Cinorider


Kalispell, Montana






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Cino Heroica Updates, 8/24. Two weeks to go


About 2 miles to go….

This year’s guest rider is Jacquie Phelan. See her bio here.

John Howard – last year’s guest rider and White Handlebar Tape award recipient – is back this year!

The 2013 Bike and Rider list is now on the site.

New riders, check out the logistics page to answer some of your questions.

New site item: Notable bikes and bike stories

An archive of all emailed bulletins for 2013 can be seen here.

You should have received a pranza contribution email. See it again here.


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Cino Heroica 2013 updates

Registration is full (150 riders) and we’re working off the waiting list at this point (if someone drops out, etc.)  If you have never signed up and are bummed you didn’t make it in this year, there is always next.  Just send a note to “” to be included in next year’s announcement.

For all of you wondering, jerseys are available to buy. This year’s design has certainly raised the bar on the definition of “cino” when it comes to bike wear.  Click here to view and purchase.

For those that haven’t heard, Jacquie Phelan is this year’s “Guest Rider”.  Mostly known for her mountain bike exploits, her history is definitely Cino. We’ll be putting her bio on the site soon, but click here to see her blog, or here to see her Wikipedia page.   She will be staying at the Whitefish Bike Retreat, see below for an opportunity to meet her at  a pre-ride get-together.

For those of you coming from out of town and looking for a place to stay that’s fun, appropriate, and different, we suggest the “Whitefish Bike Retreat”.  Fantastic settting, and they provide everything from camping, to dorm style accomodations, to private rooms. Cricket – the owner – is offering a 10% discount to Cino participants.   The retreat has a huge bicycle shuttle van, and  will be offering a shuttle to and from the Cino Heroica start for guests.  Click here to see the Retreat’s website, email, or call 406-260-0274.

The Bike Retreat will be hosting a pre-ride soiree on Thursday, September 5th.  More details coming, but it will be an opportunity to meet our Guest Rider Jacquie.   It will also be a show-and-tell opportunity for Cino bikes; we encourage participants to bring theirs.


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Announcing the 7th Annual Cino Heroica

Cino Heroica 2013
A heroic bike ride celebrating cycling’s yesteryears, in NW Montana
September 7 – 8, 2013

(Note: The ride is full, and already has a substantial sized waiting list. Want to be notified early next year?  Send an email to

This ride is a celebration of the cycling days of old when road racing in Europe meant racing on unpaved dirt roads over mountain passes, in sometimes horrific conditions. The racers rode steel framed bikes that were built as much for toughness as for speed. They drank wine and smoked Gitanes to quell their suffering. “Nutrition” was real food, like cheese, salami, and a baguette. Suffering was an art form taken to a new level by these riders, as they collapsed into the arms of their handlers at race’s end, their faces reflecting something that non-riders will never understand. But at the end of the day, it was all about style, the horrors of the struggle erased by the pasta with truffles, crystal goblets of Chianti and polite conversation.

Relive this experience as we ride over an unpaved back route from Kalispell to Hot Springs, Montana.  This is a ride with lots of long pauses; lunch, enjoying the view, contemplating a particularly cool bicycle. Mostly you’ll leave the present world behind for two days, and your big decisions will be reduced to contemplating if you should walk or ride up the next hill, and what color tie or scarf you should wear to dinner.

Some things to note for this year’s Cino:

See you there.

Read here for more info…

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Cino Heroica 2012 Photos

Here are the photos we’ve collected so far. Check the earlier post below for the ‘Hero Portraits’ taken at the start. If you have any shots you’d like to contribute, send an email to

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