Post Cino Followup (and blues…)


Post Cino, I wonder what it would be like if life was just one continuous Cino: ride, eat great food at a waterfall, beer at the end of the day.  I ‘spose some would argue that’s not a formula for character building, but it sounds like something worth trying.  Sigh…

We’re soliciting all photo contributions we can to post on  Especially if you have lots of photos, you can use this DropBox link to upload photos to me:

or send them to “, or put them on a disk and send them to

Cino Heroica
The ZaneRay Group
215 1st St.
Whitefish,  MT  59901

If you are a professional photographer you can watermark the images and/or make arrangements with me to retain ownership rights to the photos.  All we’re asking for is license to view, ie. to be able to post them on the site for participants to view.

Lost and Found
Give me a day or two to continue sorting out gear, then I will post an updated list of Lost and Found items from the trip.  We’ve already sent out one list, another is on it’s way.

We still have 10 or so of the numbered musettes left.  Use this link to order them:

and we can mail them to you

Reed   406-270-0590

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