Taking a break

I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding this post. But the news is, we’re taking a break from putting on Cino this year, 2017.   The support and appreciation every year has always been incredible and that’s what fuels the effort.   It gets better every time: last year’s 10th Cino was praised by everyone as the best.  But the fact is, it’s a huge undertaking and we just need to take a rest.  Plan on 2018.

But the rumblings from the riders for 2107 is this: we’re going to ride anyway!  So there is movement to go back to Cino Heroica’s roots. Just show up and do it. Minimal or no organization. Minimal or no support. Etc.  As this idea gels, we’ll post updates on the site and if a champion for the idea emerges, we’ll set up the lines of communication.   The assumed dates would be the weekend after Labor Day, or 9/9-10 this year.

Thanks for the support,












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Cino Start is only a few days away


cockpit view of a 1971 Gitane Super Corsa

Click here to see complete start and ride instructions.  But there’s really just two important things to remember about this weekend.

  1. Look good. Dress like the elite cyclists of legend did.  Riding and at dinner.
  2. Make sure your  bike is Cino.  See here for what that means. Although we have never turned anyone away, we are considering  some form of Shame for  non Cino-bike riders.  Something to consider if you’re thinking of say clipless pedals vs. the torture devices you should ride.


  • We still have room to register.  Click here to register online
  • Kalispell Brewing has a special for Cino riders this weekend. 1/2 off second glass, $1 off growlers, 15% off jerseys
  • You might have registered late or otherwise missed an email about drink donations.  Riders are asked to bring a drink donation. Click here for details.
  • Weather forecast looks perfect now, but things could shift.  Bring appropriate gear.
  • Cyclists are welcome to camp at Reed’s house – very close to the start – on Friday and Sunday nights.  Contact cinorider@cinorider.com  if interested.
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Still room to join, who won the WHTA?, musettes available

Registration, 2012

Registration, 2012

We’ve had some cancellations, we’ve still got room to register for Cino.  Tell your friends. Registration has been moved online, click here.

Our Prize Winner records have been misplaced and we need to know: Who won the White Handlebar Tape award for 2014, and last year, 2015?  Whoever tells me the answer first has lunch paid for ($25) this year.  That’s two lunches up for grabs, one for each year.  Send, text, call the answer to cinorider@cinorider.com, 406-270-0590

We have a few of last year’s musettes for sale.  These are beautiful waxed twill bags that  will last a lifetime. Click here for details.

If you didn’t order a jersey in time, we’ll be working on a post ride order.  Details TBD.  For those that ordered them, jerseys will be delivered at the start of the ride

Soon to come: start instructions for this year’s Cino.


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Cino video released

Heading home 2015

Some of you may remember Matt Hartle  filming Cino last year. Using aerial and on the ground photography, the result really captures the emotion and grandeur of Cino Heroica’s setting. Thank you Matt for giving us a reminder of how great the ride is.  Click here to see the Youtube video.

This year’s ride will fill soon, but there is still space available to register for Cino. So don’t hesitate, and tell your friends as well.

See registration information here.

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Jerseys available to order, room to register, getting ready, Misc.

getting the mascot ready for Cino

getting the ’54 Suburban support vehicle – “Spud”  – ready for Cino

Custom jerseys are now available to order on the site.  Two styles, 100% merino, selling at cost, you can’t ask for more.  Click here to see details and to order.

There is still space available to register for Cino. So don’t hesitate, and tell your friends as well. While we had a registration deadline of 5/27 for grandfathered riders and for the possibility of a lottery, the fact is the ride never fills up by that first deadline. But it will in a month or two.

See registration information here.

Chris Sauve and I just got done with working out the pranza and dinner menus with Anna at Simple Chef Catering. If the fullness of Chris’s and my respective drool cups was any measure of the food we’re planning, the epicurean experience will be memorable.


Jan from Glacier Cyclery – Cino Cancelliere (Registrar) – contemplating an application

Always looking for volunteers. Those that are willing to give up a leg or legs of riding (there are 4 legs total: day 1 before and after lunch, day 2 before and after lunch) are particularly valuable, but we could also use folks that would commit to folding up the dinner area on Sunday morning, loading and unloading the luggage truck, handing out beers, etc. Some of you have spouses or friends tagging along as non-riders that could help. Just email cinorider@gmail.com and I’ll get you on a list. Depending on how much they help, we try to award volunteers with a meal or meals, t-shirts, etc.

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Announcing the Cino X

A bicycle ride celebrating the romance of cycling’s yesteryear’s, in Northwest Montana.  September 10-11th, 2016

Cino Heroica (chee-no) is a celebration of the cycling days of old, when European road racing was dramatic art and racing’s hero’s were admired as much for their style as their courage. The venues were largely unpaved roads, snaking over hellish mountain passes.  Racers rode handmade steel framed bikes that were built as much for style and strength as for speed. The riders drank wine and smoked Gitanes to quell their suffering. “Nutrition” was real food, like cheese, salami, and a baguette. Suffering was an art form taken to a new level by these riders, as they collapsed into the arms of their handlers at race’s end, their faces reflecting something that non-riders will never understand. But at the end of the day, it was all about style, the horrors of the struggle erased by the clink of wine glasses over dinner as the racers celebrated their day’s victories.

Relive this experience as we ride “heroic” (see definition here)  bicycles over an unpaved route from Kalispell to Hot Springs, Montana, and then back the next day.  This ride will reset your definition of life’s basics:  a beautiful view,  the taste of food when you’re truly hungry, your bicycle. Mostly you’ll leave the present world behind for two days, and your big decisions will be reduced to “Cab or the Pinot?” and the  color tie or scarf you will wear to dinner.

Click here for more about Cino….

All registration is by US Mail and check and starts NOW.  Cost will be $135 per rider.  Click here for details.

It has always been a goal of Cino Heroica to donate some of the proceeds to a worthy cause. Cino Heroica does not always run “in the black”, but when we do we donate a portion of proceeds to Flathead Cycling – a local bicycle racing team – specifically to the youth program.    This is an effort we will continue and expand.


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Photos from Mandy Mohler available

Cino Heroica IX 2015 Adventure Bicycle Race Portraits by Kalispell Montana Portrait Photographer Mandy Mohler. The Cino Heroica is an annual "Old Timey" bicycle ride from Kila to Hot Springs Montana and back again. It features gravel roads, wool jerseys and bottles of wine.

Mandy Mohler, long time Cinorider and Cino photographer took time off from riding Cino this year and instead followed riders and took photos throughout the two days. Some will make it into a planned article for Flathead Living next summer. They have a Mandy style that goes with Cino: portrait-like, a touch of retro, with a sprinkling of humor. They are available for browsing, and for sale as prints.

Here’s a note from Mandy:

Hello Cino Riders!
I hope you love these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


http://www.mandymohler.com/cino-heroica-ix-gallery/ password : PranzaIX2015


http://www.mandymohler.com/cino-heroica-ix-prints/ password: PranzaIX2015

If you click on the individual photos in the gallery page- you will enter a slideshow mode- which allows you to breeze through larger photos one by one.
Because these are intended for the Flathead Living Magazine next summer- I won’t be posting these to Facebook or anything anytime soon. I ask that you please do the same. Thank you!
If you would like to have a physical momento- a print, those are available here. The password is: PranzaIX2015 (as in #9 Roman Numerals -not the letter L)
To keep things simple, I’m offering a single print size (approximately 8×10 or 8×12 Full Frame photos printed on 11×14 paper with a white border). Message me directly if you have any questions.

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Cino Heroica 2015 Photos

Tuscany or Montana?

Tuscany or Montana?

The photos are still coming in (please send them), click here to see what we have so far.

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Post Cino Followup (and blues…)


Post Cino, I wonder what it would be like if life was just one continuous Cino: ride, eat great food at a waterfall, beer at the end of the day.  I ‘spose some would argue that’s not a formula for character building, but it sounds like something worth trying.  Sigh…

We’re soliciting all photo contributions we can to post on Cinorider.com.  Especially if you have lots of photos, you can use this DropBox link to upload photos to me:


or send them to “cinorider@gmail.com, or put them on a disk and send them to

Cino Heroica
The ZaneRay Group
215 1st St.
Whitefish,  MT  59901

If you are a professional photographer you can watermark the images and/or make arrangements with me to retain ownership rights to the photos.  All we’re asking for is license to view, ie. to be able to post them on the site for participants to view.

Lost and Found
Give me a day or two to continue sorting out gear, then I will post an updated list of Lost and Found items from the trip.  We’ve already sent out one list, another is on it’s way.

We still have 10 or so of the numbered musettes left.  Use this link to order them:


and we can mail them to you

Reed   406-270-0590

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Cino Portrait Photos

some_portraitProfessional photographer Mandy Mohler spent the morning of Cino Heroica taking portrait shots of all the heroic Cino riders she could.   Thank you Mandy.  The photos are available to see and purchase prints of –  click here.

Each image provides a drop down where you can select the size, and check out.  Prices are as follows:

5×7 : $20
8×10 : $35
11×14 : $50

  • Prices include a print with a velvety matte finish.
  • This also includes a web sized digital image for social media. Purchasers must supply their email address to me in the “note to seller” to receive the digital copy.
  • Framing is not included.

BTW, I am assembling donated photos of the ride and hope to be posting them online ASAP.


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